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Bonfire events in Sussex, photo by Graham Huntley


Bonfire Processions in Sussex

Sussex is steeped in bonfire history, dating back to the burning of protestant martyrs in Lewes during Tudor times.

Local traditions go back even further with face painted workers in disguise, annually visiting households door to door for food and alcohol.

Bonfire Morris Men, photo by Graham Huntley


The World's Biggest Bonfire Night Celebrations

To commemorate these ancient traditions and political events, the Sussex Bonfire Societies were formed in the 19th century with events across the county throughout September, October and November.

Towns and villages across Sussex take turns to celebrate each week, with the largest of all being the world's biggest bonfire celebration in the county town of Lewes every 5th November.

Expect eerie torchlit processions with marching bands, drummers, Morris Men, traditional and themed fancy dress, pirates, pipers and floats featuring bonfire effigies.

Many events are family orientated with a carnival atmosphere, however larger events may not suitable for children.

See below for Bonfire dates all across Sussex!

October 2015


3rd     Eastbourne Bonfire Society Procession 

Torchlit processions along Eastbourne seafront with marching bands, pipers, drummers, pirates and fancy dress, plus beach bonfire and fireworks from the Wish Tower beach.

3rd      Rotherfield Bonfire Night Celebrations

17th  Hastings Bonfire Night Celebrations 

Celebrating both the gunpowder plot and the Battle of Hastings!  A spectacular torchlit procession from The Stade with bonfire and fireworks from the beach.

17th    Hailsham Bonfire Night Celebrations

17th    Nevill Bonfire Night Celebrations

17th    Seaford Bonfire

24th    Firle Bonfire Night Celebrations

24th    Fletching Bonfire Night Celebrations

31st  Littlehampton Bonfire Night Celebrations

A day long celebration and torchlit celebration with colourful floats and steam engines, ending in a mammoth bonfire and fireworks display.

31st    Newick Bonfire Night Celebrations 


November 2015

 5th    Lewes Bonfire

The biggest bonfire celebration in the world, featuring six different torchlit processions throughout the town, plus tar barrel rolling, marching bands, drummers, traditional fancy dress and floats with topical bonfire effigies. Each procession ends in a bonfire and fireworks display.


7th      East Hoathly Bonfire Night Celebrations

A popular bonfire event with a cowboys and indians theme.  Features a Grand Procession through the village, followed by a remembrance procession.

7th      Battle Bonfire & Firework Display 

7th      Chailey Bonfire Night

7th      Shoreham Bonfire Night Celebrations

A family beach bonfire with fireworks, fire performers and face painters.

13th    Isfield Bonfire

14th    Rye Bonfire Night Celebration 

21st    Robertsbridge Bonfire Night

Morris Men, photo by Graham Huntley
Photo by Graham Huntley
Photo by Graham Huntley